Maratus PHP Backup

Backup different types of databases on Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP etc.

Maratus is here because of the idea to give something back to open source community and after making first composer package Open Exchange Rates.

I wanted to make something that I can use for all my databases and even local files to backup, compress and send it to safe place, and do everything in easy way using cron.

Why Maratus?

Country where I always wanted to live was Australia. Sunny, warm and beautiful country with a nature you must love. Have never been there but who knows I might go there one day :).

Hmm, enough of it, where is definition of Maratus php backup :D?

Maratus is one of the most beautiful Australian spiders, you can read everything on Wiki. This package as of central place to backup and spread all files to cloud storage can be seen as Appearance of the spider with all its legs. Yeah, funny, but I see it like that :D.


  1. Available storage clients
    • Local
    • FTP
    • Google Drive
    • Dropbox
  2. Available databases
    • MySQL
    • Postgresql
    • SQLite
    • MongoDB
    • Redis
    • Riak
    • CouchDB
  3. Sending files in compressed format - ZIP, GNU tar, BSD tar
  4. Connect to remote host via SSH with private key(password protected too) or normal username/password, compress and download with SCP


  • PHP Zippy
  • Dropbox SDK
  • Google API Client
  • PHPSeclib
  • Symfony Filesystem
  • Symfony Proccess
  • Guzzle


  1. Add option to set custom dir in Google Drive, Dropbox or At the moment its save in root folder.
  2. Make Dependency libs list shorter
  3. Add option to backup any local file(s).
  4. Add more types of databases to backup.
  5. Add more storages for backup files.
  6. Add SFTP and SCP support as backup storage.
  7. Write some unit tests, I am lazy now :D


v0.1.0 This is first enough stable version to use it